Who is a candidate for bridges?
Dental bridges are a traditional solution to replacing missing teeth. Before the advent of dental implant technology, bridgework was the most popular way to replace missing teeth. The procedure is still commonly used because many patients still prefer to opt for a dental bridge instead of an implant.

Patients who have been using dental bridges for several years and are accustomed to them may insist on using only bridges to replace their missing teeth. There may also be certain patients who are keen to minimize their visits to the dentistís office. Such patients may also choose a bridge over an implant because of the fewer number of visits to the dentist and less time spent.

Another important consideration for many patients is the cost involved in bridgework as compared to a dental implant. For the cost conscious patient, a dental bridge may be a better option because it can be less expensive than an implant. However, the patient should also understand that the longevity of a dental implant is usually much better than that of a bridge. Therefore, in the long run, an implant may become more cost effective. From a functional and aesthetics perspective too, an implant is usually a better option than a bridge.

An experienced dentist will evaluate the existing condition of the patientís teeth and recommend a tooth replacement procedure accordingly. A dental bridge exerts considerable pressure on the adjacent healthy teeth that it uses as an anchor. Without adequate support from these teeth, the bridge may not be able to stay in place for long. Therefore, the dentistís first concern is to ensure that the anchor teeth are very strong, both structurally and periodontally.

Candidates with very healthy and strong anchor teeth can be recommended for dental bridges.
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