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Composite Fillings

Composite resin filling also called “White Filling,” is a tooth-colored composite quartz resin mixed with light-sensitive agents. Composite fillings were introduced to dentistry nearly half a century ago, and since then technology has vastly improved with regard to the quality and strength of these fillings to withstand wear and tear. Nowadays it is common to use composite fillings for the front teeth.

Advantages of a Composite Filling

The key advantage of composite fillings is that they are highly aesthetic in character. The composite material can be tinted to match with the exact color of the patient’s teeth. The quality of composite material is such that it can form a natural bonding with the tooth in such a manner that metal fillings cannot. As a result, these fillings become nearly invisible to the naked eye.

Another benefit is that a composite filling can help in preventing tooth fracture because they can be applied with minimum damage to the tooth structure. However, despite the obvious advantages of this material, their biggest drawback is that they are somewhat weak and cannot withstand strong pressure over a long period of time.

Dr. Guyot prefers to avoid using composite fillings on biting surface areas, as well as in situations where the defects are very large. Small composites can replace small defects easily without much damage to the tooth. The preparation of the tooth can be kept to a minimum using a laser or some very small drills. But from a viewpoint of long-term strength and durability, back teeth composite fillings may not be the best answer. In the case Dr. Guyot feels composite is not a good option gold or porcelain can be used.
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