Who is a good candidate for a denture? Will wearing dentures change the way patients eat or talk?
Any person with missing teeth and adequate bone structure is a good candidate for dentures. Dentures are a traditional method of replacing missing teeth to restore the oral functionality and aesthetics. However, modern dental implant technology is a superior and more permanent way to replace missing teeth.

A patient that does not wish to opt for dental implants for any reason makes an ideal candidate for dentures. Dentures are particularly popular among older patients who have lost many or all of their natural teeth. Furthermore, patients who have used dentures for many years may prefer to continue with the same method. Such patients may usually be reluctant to go for dental implants.

Sometimes a combination of dentures and a dental implant may be the best solution. The dental implant will help to keep the denture in its place firmly and provide added support. The patient can be much more comfortable while wearing dentures with this technique. Dentures can bring a dramatic improvement to the way a patient eats, talks and looks. Life can be miserable with missing teeth and dentures can remove that misery easily. The patient will be able to eat and talk more comfortably with the help of dentures.

However, the patient will take some time to adjust to the dentures. The way the patient eats may get altered slightly, depending on the size of the dentures and the number of teeth being replaced. The patient will have to observe certain precautions such as avoiding very sticky or hard foods. Even while talking, the patient may initially feel awkward. There may be an initial fear of the dentures falling off in the middle of speech, or while eating.

The adaptation to dentures also differs from one patient to another. Some may get used to dentures quickly, while others may not be comfortable with them for a long time. Dr. David Guyot likens this to wearing eye glasses. Some patients get adjusted to eye glasses very well, while some others seem to struggle with them forever. The same is the case with dentures and a lot depends on the patient's ability to adjust to them.
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