Crowns Tustin: Dr. Guyot talks about crowns.
Q: What is a Dental Crown?
A: A dental crown (or cap) is used on teeth that have suffered an advanced breakdown or destruction due to biotic forces, tooth decay, existing failing restorations, accident or injury, or any other factors. The crown is essentially a casing that covers the tooth structure in order to restore it to its original shape and size. Crowns are normally used in cases where the tooth structure cannot be restored with fillings or other kinds of restorations.

Typically, dental crowns are made from gold, or some crowns have a gold sub-structure with porcelain veneers on top to provide them aesthetics of a natural tooth. There are also crowns that have no metal in them. They are made from various ceramics and other tooth colored products.

Q: Why do I Need a Dental Crown?
A: Dental crowns may be required for a variety of reasons. The most common reasons include the tooth becoming weak due to tooth decay or biting forces, previous failing tooth restorations, broken or fractured tooth, or large fillings. The dental crown helps to restore the tooth structure to its proper form, fit, function, and aesthetics.

At Dr. Guyot’s office in Tustin, Orange County, the patient will be shown the need for a crown using intra oral cameras. It will show the patient the upward and backside of his or her teeth, to understand the need for getting a crown. The patient is also shown the models of crowns if he or she wishes to see how a crown looks like, before the treatment is initiated.

Q: How Are Crowns Made to Fit My Teeth?
A: At Dr. Guyot’s office, typically the first visit is an hour and a half appointment. The patient is made comfortable and local anesthesia is used for the tooth to be restored. All the old restorative material is removed, tooth decay is removed, and any unsupported weak portions of the tooth are removed. Then the foundation is built on which the new crown will fit over, and protect the nerve area of the tooth.
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