How do I take care of my dental crowns?
Dental crowns can be treated quite like a natural tooth. A permanent dental crown looks and functions like a natural tooth and require the same care and maintenance. The person with a dental crown must brush and floss his or her teeth regularly, at least twice a day. The brushing and flossing can be done in the same way for the crown as with the other teeth.

Maintaining good oral hygiene is the key to preventing infection. It is critical to remove the bio film bacteria make to stick to the tooth. This is also called plaque. The dental crown is likely to live out its normal lifespan if there is no tooth infection or cavity. Periodic visits to the dentist for dental exams, at least once every six months, are recommended. This ensures that any development of infection can be identified early and treated in time.

Apart from basic care and good oral hygiene practices, the patient should preferably avoid very hard or sticky foods. Any food that is excessively hard or sticky carries the risk of loosening the dental cement. In an exceptional situation, the dental crown may get pulled off completely. Therefore, the patient must take extra care with regard to the choice of food items.

Temporary dental crowns need a considerably higher degree of maintenance and care compared to the permanent crowns. During the period that the patient is wearing a temporary crown, he or she needs to be conscious about the choice of foods. The patient must also take extra care while brushing. Do not floss the temporary crown. Once the permanent crowns have been placed, the patient can feel more relaxed. There is no need to be constantly conscious or anxious about permanent dental crowns.
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