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I have been going to Dr. Guyot for 15 years. I just had extensive bridge work done and everything turned out perfect. He is always calm, kind, professional, and, of course, gentle. I can't forget to mention his assistant, Lori. She is the best in Orange County.
- M. Pell, Hemet, CA

Your teeth deserve exceptional care, and a fabulous smile is the most essential item for a successful professional and social life. At Dr. Guyot’s dental office in Tustin Irvine in Orange County, what you will get is the very best.

You don’t need to worry how badly damaged or decayed your teeth may be. Dr. Guyot’s years of experience and expertise will restore a tooth to its former shape, strength and functionality by fitting a dental device called a ‘crown.’

If you are not sure whether you really need a crown, the dentist’s office will use an intra oral camera to show you photographs of the tooth at an upper and back angle. You can see the actual state of your tooth, and even examine models of other crowns to get an idea of the finished product.

Dr.Guyot will put you at ease by explaining the process and discussing your preferences of the material to be used. If you experience pain, sensitivity or discomfort in the tooth, a crown is an excellent solution to hold together, strengthen and protect the nerves and the remaining parts of the tooth.

From the very beginning you will be made comfortable with a local anesthetic. Dr.Guyot will initially remove all traces of tooth decay, previous fillings and loose bits to construct a foundation out of glass Ionomer cement. The final crown will be fixed over this.

The crown will be made either of a metal like gold at the base with porcelain on top, or just a plain tooth colored ceramic substance. For a porcelain crown, Dr.Guyot will take an impression of the built tooth foundation and send it to a laboratory to have the crown produced. Dr. Guyot will fit the patient with a temporary crown which they can wear during the two weeks that it will take to make the permanent crown.

Your first visit will only last around an hour and a half. On your second visit he will encase the whole tooth with the porcelain crown like a cap. If you have opted for a gold crown, Dr. Guyot will custom make the crown in his office to make sure the fit is perfect. Your second visit will not take more than forty-five minutes, and you will emerge with a secure and shining crown, and a dazzling smile!
Crowns Tustin: Dr. Guyot talks about crowns.
Q: What is a Dental Crown?
A: A dental crown (or cap) is used on teeth that have suffered an advanced breakdown or destruction due to biotic forces, tooth decay, existing failing restorations, accident or injury, or any other factors. The crown is essentially a casing that covers the tooth structure in order to restore it to its original shape and size. Crowns are normally used in cases where the tooth structure cannot be restored with fillings or other kinds of restorations. Click Here to Read More
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Patient Success Stories
Dr. Guyot is a wonderful dentist for all ages of patients. He is well trained, experienced and personable. We have also benefited from the quality of his referrals to specialists. In our family’s view, as long time patients, you couldn’t make a better choice for your dentist than Dr. David Guyot. (Richard K)
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