Dental Gold: Crown Tustin
At Dr. Guyot’s dental offices in Tustin and Irvine, the option of ‘going gold’ is yours!

Why is gold foil no longer a commonly utilized material to restore teeth?

In many dental offices the procedure is no longer used simply because the technique is no longer taught in dental schools. The reason behind this is the delicacy and sensitivity of the technique that calls for specialized and time consuming learning. Dental schools have moved to the quicker and less crafted techniques.

Why should you consider having a gold foil instead of another option?

One very realistic reason is that there is no other dental material that can compare to gold as a bio compatible substance. Gold foil is pure 24 karat gold. It will not corrode. It is virtually non reactive with the body’s tissues. No other material gives a better marginal fit. Additionally, it is the strongest and most hard-wearing material which can give you a lifetime of serviceability. This gives gold foil a high value as a dental restorative material. It rarely needs to be replaced and this saves on long term cost. More importantly it helps preserves natural tooth structure.

Who is best qualified to handle your gold foil placement?

A wealth of experience and years of practice are essential, and Dr. Guyot can give you both. As a fifteen year member of a gold study club , Dr. Guyot is Orange County’s expert choice for gold foil placement. Under his care your gold foil will be placed with utmost precision and detailed attention.

Won’t gold draw attention to the deficits in my teeth because of its color and extreme visibility?

Dr. Guyot’s entire approach centers on aesthetic considerations. One of his primary concerns as an experienced cosmetic dentist is to achieve a beautiful finished product in all his dental treatments. So set your mind at rest. He will ensure that the recommendations to use gold will be for areas that are not in your smile zone.
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