Why Gold?
Gold is one of the most amazing metals on this planet in terms of its resilience and properties of biocompatibility. Cast gold is the most used technique. Cast gold is about 18 karat and is the strongest and most durable material used for restoring tooth structure. Gold foil can also be used in smaller defects. Gold foil is an old and established technique where 24 carat gold is used to create the restoration.

Gold FoilDr. Guyot is a strong advocate of using gold as the preferred restoration material for fillings. Apart from its strength and biocompatibility, the outstanding qualities of gold include its malleability and its ability to provide adequate strength with a conservative restoration, and minimal damage to the tooth structure.

Dr. Guyot has been closely involved with the technology of gold restorations for several years. He has been a member and the past President of the R.V. Tucker Cast Gold Study Club of Orange county for over 16 years. He has extensive experience and advanced training in gold castings and gold foil placements.

However, gold, like any other material or technology, can only be as effective as the skill of the person who is applying it. Therefore, to ensure excellent results for every single patient, Dr. Guyot personally crafts all of his own gold restorations by hand.
Dental Gold crown Tustin
At Dr. Guyot’s dental offices in Tustin and Irvine, the option of ‘going gold’ is yours!
Why is gold foil no longer a commonly utilized material to restore teeth?
In many dental offices the procedure is no longer used simply because the technique is no longer taught in dental schools. The reason behind this is the delicacy and sensitivity of the technique that calls for specialized and time consuming learning. Dental schools have moved to the quicker and less crafted techniques. Click Here to Read More
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Patient Success Stories
I don’t know how dentist are graded, but on a scale of 1-10, I would give Dr. Guyot a strong 10. The only thing I’ve ever been afraid of during my 65 years plus have been that intimidating needle; however, I can honestly report that Dr. Guyot has been the gentlest dentist in giving me Novocaine shots that I’ve ever experienced. I‘ve had many form him and rarely feel the shot.

Dr. Guyot is excellent at explaining the procedures he needs to do and why they are necessary. He gives you various treatment options and makes recommendations based on your specific needs, age, etc. He has a great chair side manner, making sure you are comfortable during the procedures.

Cleanliness and safety are important. The entire dental suite- waiting room, office areas, exam rooms, lab, restroom, etc- is clean, tidy, and well appointed.

Every member of Dr. Guyot’s staff is excellent, very professional, knowledgeable and well-trained. They go out of their way to assist you and make the whole dental experience a good one. It’s obvious that they each care about the patient.

Going to Dr. Guyot’s office for your dental needs is a good thing! I would highly recommend him and his staff to my family, friends, or anyone. (Janet P)
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