Gum Disease
Periodontal Services Offered by Dr. Guyot

Dr. Guyot takes the time and care to diagnose the precise nature of every patient’s periodontal problem and understands the needs of each individual patient. Thereafter, he will suggest the most appropriate therapies to treat the periodontal disease or even reverse it. For instance, in a case where the patient is diagnosed with an early stage of gingivitis, Dr. Guyot will recommend teeth scaling and polishing, and regular recall visits.

If early or moderate periodontal disease is diagnosed, Dr. Guyot will also suggest Deep cleanings and laser curettage to clean out the inflamed tissue and infection. Many times we will put Arestin, an antibiotic powder into the periodontal pocket. This antibiotic will stay there for two weeks to help the pocket heal itself. These therapies are usually recommended for pockets that are five or six millimeters in depth and show signs of disease and bleeding; this is known as ‘Phase One or non surgical Periodontal Therapy.’ After six weeks the treated areas are re-evaluated. If the areas are healthy the patient will be put on a periodontal maintenance program to keep the infection from returning. If the inflammation and infection has not been eliminated the patient may require periodontal surgery to treat the area. In such a situation, Dr. Guyot will refer the patient to a periodontist to perform the surgery.

The Phase One surgical periodontal therapy that Dr. Guyot offers needs to be accompanied by nutrition to help strengthen the patient’s immune system, and to fortify the body against bacterial infection. It will also help in fully treating the periodontal disease.
Periodontal Disease Tustin: Dr. Guyot talks about periodontal diseases.
Q: What Exactly Is Periodontal Disease?
A: In simplest terms, periodontal disease is the disease of gum tissues. General periodontal disease includes the breakdown of the structures that support the teeth. There are several phases in periodontal disease, ranging from mild gingivitis up to severe periodontal disease. Dr. Guyot uses x-rays and periodontal charting to diagnose the precise nature and extent of a patient’s periodontal condition. Click Here to Read More
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