Juice Plus+ for Good Health
Juice Plus+ is an excellent dietary supplement to fortify our diet with extra nutrition and added vitamins and minerals. The USDA recommends that we eat 7 to 13 servings of natural fruit and vegetables each day. However, in practice, most of us lead lifestyles that hardly allow us to come even close to achieving this requirement.

This is where Juice Plus+ comes in, to fill in for the deficiencies in our daily nutrition intake. It is a whole food based nutritional system that doctors and health professionals around the world have been recommending to their patients for years. Thirteen clinical research studies have been carried out to show the real health benefits of Juice Plus+ with their results widely published in various scientific journals.

The results of these studies indicate the following specific benefits that Juice Plus+ tends to have for most users:

a. provides critical phyto-nutrients
b. helps bring down oxidative stress
c. has a favorable impact on various cardiovascular wellness indicators
d. supports a healthy immune system
e. helps protect and repair DNA

Juice Plus+ nutrition is extracted from a large variety of fresh, pesticide-free fruit, vegetables and grains. The powder concentrate is available in capsule form, chewable tablets and even as delicious gummy bears for children.

Dr. Guyot’s Recommendation

Dr. Guyot and his family, as well as his staff members have been using Juice Plus+ for the past several years. Dr. Guyot’s own experience with Juice Plus+ gives him confidence to recommend it to other people. For his patients who are in need of nutritional supplements, Dr. Guyot finds Juice Plus+ to be a truly beneficial, safe and effective alternative
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