What are some signs of TMD?
"Tempromandibular Disorder" or TMD will reveal itself through various signs and symptoms. The patient should be aware of the basic symptoms, and seek an appointment with his dentist if the symptoms persist. The following is a list of some of the common signs and symptoms of TMD:

Pain in the jaw joints
Clicking in the jaw joints
Inability to open the mouth all the way or having a jaw joint lock
Pain while chewing or swallowing
Ache in the ears
Ringing in the ears
Partial loss of hearing
Uneven or uncomfortable bite
Chipping or breaking of teeth
Tooth sensitivity to cold items

Many patients of TMD are unaware of the cause of their condition. A dentist is the right person to diagnose the problem and suggest a corrective action. The TMD patient usually has a tendency to clench their teeth. This can result in a flat area on the top of the teeth. Secondly, excessive grinding of teeth can cause grooves to form on the tooth roots at the gum line. These grooves are called abfractions. A dentist can notice these symptoms and diagnose TMD.

Your dentist is the best person to evaluate the various signs and symptoms and make a fair diagnosis of TMD.
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