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Q: What are Dental Inlays and Onlays?
A: If a tooth has a defect that has been caused by tooth decay, biting or chemical erosion, and the damage is not extensive enough to warrant a full crown, but is large enough that a regular filling may be too weak, we can utilize the dental onlay. There are cases when a tooth is damaged such that one or more cusps are so weak and undermined, that the cusp is at high risk of fracturing off. The biting surface of the tooth needs to be covered to prevent a fracture; yet placing a full crown would require removing more healthy tooth structure than necessary. This is where an onlay can be used. These are modified crowns where the tooth structure that is removed is much less than a full crown. We use porcelain or gold to restore these defects. Gold onlays are very strong, long lasting and biocompatible. They are placed in areas where they do not affect the patientís smile line. If the defect is in the patientís smile area or aesthetic zone, we will recommend a porcelain or onlay. Once again, porcelain is much more aesthetic than gold, but not as durable.

A dental inlay is smaller than an onlay and does not cover the cusp tips. These are much like conventional fillings. They are made of porcelain or gold and are much more durable than a silver or white filling. They copy the natural tooth contours and are easier to keep clean.

Q: What are the notable differences in procedure between a crown and a dental inlay or onlay?
A: When you get a crown for one of your teeth, the dentist has to remove a significant quantity of your own tooth to fit the crown over the entire tooth. Your crown will encase your damaged, cracked or broken tooth. Sometimes a crown is the best choice due to a more extensively damaged tooth. In the case of a dental inlay or onlay, the loss of your natural tooth is much less. Dr. Guyot will always try to save as much of your own tooth as possible.

Q: What material will Dr. Guyot use as a dental inlay or onlay for your tooth?
A: Dr. Guyot works with porcelain and gold. You have a choice of either. While both materials work well for a dental inlay or onlay, gold is an exceptionally strong and durable choice for this dental process. Gold is also one of the most compatible substances with your natural teeth and gives an excellent fit when used in a dental procedure.

Q: On what occasions would Dr. Guyot recommend a porcelain dental inlay or onlay over a gold one?
A: When Dr. Guyot plans to use a dental inlay or onlay for any of your teeth, the recommendation for material to be utilized will be based on the position of the teeth. He will not suggest the use of gold for teeth that are in your smile area. The aesthetic zone of your mouth is always a major consideration with Dr. Guyot. Porcelain has aesthetic qualities that make it a good choice for your smile.

At Dr. Guyotís dental office in Tustin, in Orange County, the primary commitment is making you look outstanding, while achieving optimum comfort and function for your teeth and mouth.
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