Natural Cures Cures
I appreciate Dr. Guyot's holistic philosophy that is reflected in his dental practice. The introduction of Juice Plus+ in my health regiment has helped my allergies considerably and improved my overall health and well-being.
- P. Charleton, San Diego, CA

What Are The Benefits Of Natural Cures?

Dr. Guyot is trained in western medicine where pharmaceuticals are used quite readily, and invasive surgical procedures are well accepted. However, Dr. Guyot does believe in a holistic approach to all dental problems. He believes that there are many natural ways to resolve dental problems. Natural cures include non-invasive and non-surgically invasive techniques. In most cases the natural cures are very ancient. Many of them come from Eastern medicine as opposed to the Western medicine models using manmade pharmaceuticals. Natural cures typically have very few or no side effects. Natural cures are also less costly, more biocompatible and healthier for the patient.
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