Are painkillers and antibiotics an acceptable substitute for root canal?
Dr. David Guyot is a specialist for Root Canal treatment. He strongly advises his patients against using painkillers and antibiotics as a substitute for root canal treatment. Dr. Guyot adopts a conservative approach to preserve the natural tooth structure as far as possible. He prescribes the root canal treatment only in a condition when the nerve tissue has been irreversibly damaged or infected, and is unable to recover or repair itself. In such a condition, root canal treatment is mandatory in order to prevent the infection from causing further damage to the tooth structure.

The infection of the nerve tissue can cause swelling and pain in the mouth. It may be necessary to reduce the pain with an antibiotic, but this is only a temporary measure. If the pain goes away with a pain reliever or an antibiotic, the patient must not assume that the infection has been cured. The pain will most likely return once the patient discontinues the use of pain relievers and antibiotics.

Therefore, the best option is for the patient to make an appointment with a dentist who is well experienced in root canal treatment. The sooner the treatment begins, the better it is for the patient because the infection will be contained quickly. Some patients may avoid visiting the dentist when the pain gets suppressed with antibiotics and painkillers. But this is only going to cause more damage to the tooth and jaw structure over a period of time. With no definitive treatment the infection is likely to spread further.

Even with root canal treatment, it is important that the operating dentist take care to eliminate the diseased nerve entirely. If any traces of infection remain in the dental pulp chamber, or the area is not filled and sealed properly, it can allow the infection to return after a period of time. Therefore, the skill of the performing surgeon is the key to a successful root canal treatment.
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